Little Kid From Jersey Shreds The Banjo

8-year-old Jonny Mizzone is one third of the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, a New Jersey three-piece bluegrass band comprised of Jonny and his two older brothers.

Yep, New Jersey. That bizarre room with the tree-trunk furniture, taxidermied fox and Lego battle ship is likely somewhere in the Garden State. Between the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys and “Jersey Shore” I think New Jersey officially contributes to a wider range of cultural interest per capita than any other state in the nation.

From what I can gather from Sleepy Man Banjo Boys’ website and YouTube page, all three boys are crazy talented. But Jonny, the serious-looking eight year old who can play the banjo with jaw-dropping speed and accuracy, appears to be a prodigy and the star of the band.

Watch him play “Flint Hill Special” in the video below. I think it’s time to enter him in dance class.