Little Girl Talks Big About Her Martial Arts Moves… Then Shows Them Off And Ends Up Flat On Her Back

This is the moment a little girl and budding taekwondo champion tries to show off her moves – but ends up landing on her bottom.

The girl, who introduces herself as Kallie, was excited to start martial arts classes. She told the camera she would be having a taekwondo lesson the next day and issued a warning to anyone who crossed her.

‘If somebody beats me up, I’m going to come flying back at them,’ she said.

‘I’m going to start punching them in the face, and I’m going to come flying, flying back at them.

‘You don’t know how bad it would hurt.’

She then launches into a martial arts routine, waving her arms and setting herself to launch off from her feet. But as she spreads her arms in the air, the jump does not go as planned, and the girl falls off balance and lands hard on her bottom rather than her feet.

As an onlooker gasps in shock, the girl seems to cry out in pain but is still sitting up and does not seem too badly harmed.