Little Girl Screams With Delight As She Rides A ‘Rollercoaster’ Created By Her Dad

This is the adorable moment a little girl screams with joy as she rides a virtual rollercoaster made out of a washing basket.

The youngster is still a little too young for the real thing so her dad improvised and managed to create a simulator right in the comfort of their front room.

The girl, named Kayla, sat in the middle of the basket as the ride began with her father emulating the jolts and bounces of the ride as it begins its climb.

Then just as the ride truly gets underway and begins to plummet towards the ground, the dad tipped the basket forward to create the illusion that she was racing downwards.

Closely following the twists and turns in the on-screen animation, it was clear that the girl was totally absorbed by what was occurring in front of her as she screamed ‘be careful dad!’