Lions Don’t Want To Eat An Drunk Man

In a bizarre incident at the Nehru Zoological Park, in India, a drunk 35-year-old man jumped into the enclosure of African Lions apparently to “shake hands” with.

Once there, he began a ruckus that caught the resident lioness, Radhika’s attention. Mukesh started calling out to her, trying to touch her paw and shake her hand.

The other visitors started yelling for zoo officials to come and rescue Mukesh, who didn’t appear to understand the danger he was in.

Animal keeper R. Papaiah was close by and responded instantly to save the man from the approaching wildcats.

Fortunately, the lions’ keeper R. Papaiah distracted the lioness’ attention until Mukesh could be rescued and dragged away from the enclosure and certain death.

Mukesh came away unharmed following his dangerously drunken stunt. Police arrested him for trespassing under the Indian Penal Code.