Lion King Story Told With 90,000 Dominoes

For these dedicated domino artists, smashing down their creations is part of the CIRCLE OF LIFE, as their recent 90,000-tile structure retold the story of the Lion King.

Taking 30 hours to piece together – yet less than four minutes to fall down – the tumbling dominoes showcase some of the movie’s most famous scenes – from Simba being held to the sky by Rafiki, to Scar pushing Mufasa off the cliff side.

Dedicated Johannes Linnenbrink, from Rheda-Wiendruck, Germany, spent three months display, which he pieced together alongside a team of five other builders.

It is the seventh year in a row the software designer has used his old school gym to set up an impressive domino display – but this year’s attempt was far greater, beating Johannes’ personal best by 23,765 tiles.