Leaked Prison Footage Shows Prisoner Spin Around Inside Tumble Dryer While Fellow Inmates Laugh

Sickening footage has emerged of prisoner being spun around INSIDE a tumble dryer while fellow inmates watch on and laugh hysterically.

The video, filmed on banned mobile phones, reveals what’s claimed to be an increasingly popular pursuit in UK jails. In the game, the prisoners order fellow cons into the machine before shutting the door and whirling them around inside at speed.

Critics claim it’s part of the so-called “Spicehead Challenge” – in which inmates are offered the ‘zombie drug’ Spice in exchange for taking part in humiliating and dangerous rituals.

The video, uploaded to YouTube this week, is said to have been filmed in the laundry room at HMP Liverpool – there is no suggestion that the prisoner involved in the incident was ‘doing it for drugs’.