Lava Splatter Being Thrown In The Air In Hawaii

This mesmerising video shows lava being thrown up from Fissure 17 in Pahoa, Hawaii just off the 132 highway.

The amazing video and pictures were captured by photographer, Joseph Anthony, 44 who grew up in the UK.

He is currently in an exclusion zone set up by the National Guard are working together with the United States Geological Survey, the Hawaii Fire Department and the National Park Service.

The Fissure 17 has only just recently opened and is slowly moving towards the East coast of Hawaii.

Pictures also show the National Guard using equipment to measure sulphur dioxide gasses in the air.

Hawaiian authorities have sealed off the area and are getting increasingly alarmed as the level of the crater lake of Kilauea has dropped so much, it is hard to measure the level and once the lava level goes below the water table, it may cause an explosion of fallen rocks and trapped steam.