Laughing Reporters Try Not To Laugh At Clown Car Crash!

Try not to laugh at these reporters that lose it and can’t stop laughing at this clown car crash news fail.

“When two clowns crashed it was no laughing matter. And no it was not part of their act. Two elderly men crashed their mini-van on the way to the local fair. The driver, 83 year old James Billingsly aka Dimples The Clown collided…”

At this point, the news anchor begins to crack up and her fellow reporters can be heard laughing as well.

“He missed the entrance but when he tried to make a U turn, he slammed right into an SUV. They’re okay. Police say Dimples was wearing oversized clown shoes…”

The news teams begins to laugh harder.

“But police say that they did not play a role in the crash.”

The entire news team loses it in a fit of contagious laughter.