Kind One-Year Old Boy Sharing Biscuit With Family Dog

A toddler has learned a lesson about sharing the hard way after trying to split his biscuit with his beloved pet dog, only for her to gobble the whole thing up.

The one-year-old boy was sitting on the floor and munching on his snack at his home in Melbourne when his dog, Leila, trotted up to him. She pawed at the infant as he nibbled away, eventually persuading him to hand a little of his treat over.

As the boy’s mother giggled, he handed a little over for the dog to eat.

Leila bit off a small amount off for herself, which did not impress the mother who was capturing the adorable moment on camera.

The boy offered the dog a little bit more of the biscuit, but this time the hungry dog refused to let go – grabbing the rest of the food for herself. Despite losing his biscuit, the toddler soon forgets about it and the tears stop.