Kid Gets Stuck On The Fence 3 Times And Uncle Absolutely Loses His Mind Laughing

Some people just have the worst luck, like this little boy.

He was playing outside with some friends when he decided to climb a chain-link fence. The only problem was that his pants got stuck on the fence, and he flipped over.

This caused his pants to fall off his legs and left him dangling in his underwear — poor little guy!

His family, of course, rushed to help him but also had a few good laughs over his misfortune. But once the little boy was freed, he immediately went back to the fence and started climbing it again!

Not learning from his mistake, the little boy climb over the fence, and then his red shirt became caught on the chain-link fence. His uncle, who was filming, couldn’t help but start laughing uncontrollably. The little boy thought if he hopped back over the fence, his shirt would come loose. But, unfortunately, it made things worse.

As you’ll see in the clip below, the second he hopped over to the other side, his shirt came up over his head and stayed latched to the top of the fence! In just under a minute and a half, the poor little boy got himself stuck three times on the fence and was left dangling until he was finally saved.