KFC Employees Expose Nasty, Stomach-Churning Back Of House Practices At One Branch

This gruesome video shows employees at a KFC branch in America exposing what happens behind the scenes – and it’s not pretty.

It allegedly exposes the disgusting way they re-use dirty mac-and-cheese cups, freeze chips in old water and sell old chicken “covered in mildew and mould”.

In the footage an employee starts filming a colleague as he’s closing up for the day, saying: “So what do you want the world to know about KFC?” He can be seen lifting a bowl of chips from the fridge which are already swimming in murky looking water, before reaching for some old cups.

Then the female employee moves the camera over to a big pot of burnt mac-and-cheese next to empty, used cups – which she claims ‘will be recycled for tomorrow’. Clearly distressed, he shows the camera a bowl of green beans which appear to be turning an unpleasant shade of grey and look like they’ve seen better days.

He then shows the camera two tubs of fried chicken – one which he says has been there since 1.30pm that day and the other which was fried at around 4.30pm – which he claims will be re-sold tomorrow. It is not exactly clear where the branch is.