Karate-Mad Pensioner Can Break Boards With Bare Hands

A 75-year-old karate-mad pensioner dubbed ‘ninja nan’ can break boards with her bare hands and flip grown men three times her weight – despite being just 5ft 1in.

Formidable Ede Smith, who weighs just seven stone, isn’t letting rheumatoid arthritis and a knee replacement get in the way of the fact she is soon to qualify for her black belt.

The married grandma-of-five got into karate five years ago after her grandson took her to a training session at his school – and insists she would be able to defend herself if attacked by a full-grown man.

Former soldier and mum-of-one Ede, a proud brown belt wearer from Great Dalby, Leics, said: “I like karate because it proves to me that I’m capable of doing things that I didn’t think I would be able to do otherwise.