Irate KFC Customer Throws Credit Card Machines At Staff

A woman was arrested after verbally and physically assaulting staff during a drunken tantrum at a KFC restaurant in Australia. The unidentified woman was recorded by another customer, Andrew Moschakis, at the Adelaide KFC.

The woman was trying to pay for her order via bank transfer because she did not have cash or card on hand, but got turned down so she ripped out all the eftpos machines and receipt primer machines and ditched them back at the store, one of them hit a monitor and smashed it.

She also picked up a twenty-four pack of 7up cans and threw that at the store. Two men then pinned her to the ground until around six police on horses arrived, arrested her and put her in the back of the police van. She also spat on the cops. She was further charged with two counts of aggravated assaulting police.