Inspirational Pensioner Skateboards At 60 Years Old

Following the death of his mother when he was nine, this inspirational man pledged to never succumb to the stereotypes of age – and he’s still skateboarding aged 60.

Reflecting on the sudden death of his mother during his childhood, a then-38-year-old Neal Unger made a pledge to himself to never grow up – and 22-years-later it seems he’s kept his promise.

Regularly frequenting the skate parks in his home town of Coachella Valley, California, Neal has developed a cult following among his younger boarding peers, who have even named a trick after him called the ‘Unger Flip,’ which requires the skater to bounce the board off of the ground, rotate it and then jump on-top.

Admitting that he’s always greeted with an amusing array of shocked and stunned expressions on the ramps, Neal believes the concept of aging to be a social construct, rather than a definitive fact.