Inspirational Barber Gives Free Haircuts To Kids That Read To Him

Barber Courtney Holmes is modest about the national attention he’s getting. As part of a recent back to school event, Holmes gave kids free haircuts if they read books to him.

Since then, the story has been shared all over social media, bringing positive attention to Dubuque and the Spark Family Hair Salon.

Well now starting every first Tuesday of the month, boys and girls aged kindergarten to fifth grade can get free hair cuts as long as they read to the stylist.

The man behind the school event was Anderson Sainci, a member of the Dubuque Black Men Coalition. He says it was about bringing the community together and increasing literacy.

As for Holmes, when the work day is over, he goes home and spends time with his two boys Jackson and Josiah. “Every night I read two or three books to them… they look forward to it,” he said.