Inspirational Amputee Toddler Runs For The First Time

The uplifting moment an infant born without a leg bone ran towards her mother for the first time having gained the courage from a fellow amputee – an adorable three-legged puppy.

Two-and-a-half year old Juliette Waits was filmed hesitantly trying to use her new prosthetic leg, before 45-year-old Emma Rodriguez, who was also testing out a her first running blade, led by example and encouraged the tot to gain the confidence and take the leap.

Adorable Jules was initially reluctant to give up her old prosthetic leg, becoming teary when first testing out the new sports blade, which will enable her to run, jump and dance.

Surrounded by the supportive prosthetics doctors that made this possible for her, the tot is encouraged to run towards her mummy and daddy, Amanda and Tim Waits.