Impressive Strong Man Picks Up a Car In Parking Dispute

Strong man Hakan Acar was furious with a parking dispute involving his aunt meant her car was blocked in her drive.

Determined to resolve the issue Hakan, who is known as the Tulk, short for Turkish Hulk, used his immense strength to lift up the offending car and shift it away from his aunt’s drive.

The 23-year-old ‘powerlifter’ claims his auntie Abi Mustafa was embroiled in a month-long parking row with her neighbours when they took offence at her leaving her car in front of their house – despite it being a public road.

However Abi was forced to ring her super-sized nephew when she discovered her neighbours had parked across her driveway – apparently ‘deliberately’ blocking her in as ‘revenge’.

When Hakan was unable to resolve the ‘petty’ quarrel amicably and the neighbours allegedly refused to budge their vehicle, the Tulk was forced to move it for them.