Husband Catches Wife Kissing Another Man On Live-Stream

The video, filmed outside a venue in the United States, provides uncomfortable evidence of the woman’s flirting.

The woman looks at the camera, before the man tells her she looks ‘amazing’ and asks if she can kiss her. She agrees, and the two exchange a snog while the woman holds her hand towards the camera in an unsuccessful attempt to keep the moment to themselves.

After their kiss the woman admits she is married and says: ‘My husband’s going to be p*****.’

Her new companion says: ‘If he can’t beat me up, he’s not your husband’, although she turns down his suggestion of performing a sex act.

Unfortunately for him the husband then appears from the background, trying to remain calm while asking his wife: ‘Ready to go?’

As the man comes over the woman’s new lover tries to pass off the meeting with a casual ‘What’s up?’.

He tells the couple to ‘have a good night’ as they walk away with the husband repeatedly asking the sheepish woman: ‘Really?’

The man live-streaming the video, wearing a baseball cap, is then seen chuckling to himself at the mischief he has caused.