His Yellow Car Was Vandalized For Being ‘Ugly’. Then Hundreds Of Yellow Cars Show Up

84-year-old, Peter Maddox, had to scrap his bright yellow car after vandals wrote “move” on it and smashed in his windows causing £6,000 worth of damage.

Maddox had already been slammed by locals, who said his vehicle was an “eyesore” on the rural town of Bilbury, Gloucestershire – a place once described as “the most beautiful village in England”.

After hearing about his plight, hundreds of yellow car owners descended on the village for a rally. The village’s small car park was full to the point of bursting with bright yellow cars.

“The response has been amazing and overwhelming; people from all over the country and all over the world have applied to join the group,” said organizer Matty Bee.

Maddox, who was presented with a miniature version of his old car, said he was “overwhelmed” by the display of support, which he watched from his cottage.