Hikers Try To Keep Their Cool After Encountering A Large Grizzly Bear In The Woods

Dale and Jessica Boshoff moved to Canada from Australia to live in the mountains, but they never imagined the most memorable part of the trip would be an encounter with a bear.

The Boshoffs were hiking with a friend on Mount Rundle near Canmore, when five minutes into their adventure, they came face to face with a grizzly.

A couple of minutes after the initial encounter, Dale started recording it on his smartphone.

In the video, he can be heard talking to the bear.

“Stay there bear-y, don’t follow us, don’t come toward us,” Dale tried to convince the grizzly. “I don’t want to use my bear spray.”

“Before I took my phone out, I was worried in the beginning, but then after a while I got a calming feel, like he’s not really interested in us. He just wants to use the path and we’re in the way,” Dale said.