High School Kids Line Up To Get Pepper Sprayed For Criminal Science Class

Barberton, Ohio – A video shows a group of high school kids getting pepper sprayed as part of a Criminal Science Technology class.

Prior to the being sprayed with the OC (pepper) spray, all students and their parents signed a waiver. The waiver included an explanation from Chief Milford:

“As part of our defensive tactics training that we have covered this year, I will introduce the use and effects of law enforcement OC “Pepper Spray” to the students. Each student will have the option to be swabbed or receive a quick “burst” to the facial area with this chemical agent. It will cause irritation and a burning sensation to the eyes and nasal area for approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour. This is a controlled and safe experience for the students and is completely voluntary.”

Getting a direct blast of OC spray is generally considered torturous. While a strong inflammatory response and burning sensation is part of the experience, that’s only a relatively minor effect from the spray. Getting a direct shot to the face includes the added benefits of having an inability to open your eyes or control your breathing.

It’s a miserable experience, and the worst part is that there’s no stopping it once it starts. Flushing the area with water or milk only reduces the duration of the effects, it doesn’t halt them. Once you get on the OC train, there’s no getting off til the ride is over.