Heroic Passerby Saves Man’s Life By Pulling Him From Burning Car

A Santa Clara man is being called a hero after saving a total stranger from a burning car at a shopping center parking lot.

The car was on fire and the driver incoherent. In the meantime people were watching and some recorded the incident on their cellphone and only one person jumped in to help.

Aram Harutyunya realized the seriousness of the situation just a few yards ahead of him, while others moved away from the burning car, he never stopped moving towards it.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office discovered that the driver, 43-year-old Aman Matoo, was highly intoxicated at the time and had accidentally set the engine on fire. He was found to have numerous DUI convictions on his record and was charged with driving under the influence and two counts of arson.

Despite the dubious reasons behind the blaze, the sheriff’s office plans to honor Harutyunyan’s courageous actions with a commendation plaque. “The bottom line is, regardless of the suspect’s actions or what he did, one’s life is truly valuable,” Capt.

Rick Sung said. “We really appreciate the good Samaritan for saving a life.”