Here’s What Happens When Hateful Online Comments Are Spoken In Real Life

At a quaint roadside cafe, people are enjoying their quiet afternoon coffee when a man walks up to a same-sex couple,and says: “I think gay people are sick and you guys should just kill yourselves.”

In another part of the city, a group of women is chatting when one of them starts bullying the other: “You’re so stupid, you know that, right? You know you’re stupid?”

At a public park, two women are engaged in a heated discussion: “All of you Muslims need to go back to the hellholes you’re from.” Another woman tells a young girl: “Fat b*tches like you should get over themselves.”

These are all scenarios that form part of an intriguing short video titled In Real Life, which captured a social experiment. Using actual hate comments on the internet, the purpose of the video is to find out what would happen if online trolls came alive in real life.

Would people witnessing the abuse come to the rescue and shame the abuser, or would bystanders ignore the while thing? In the video, only the bully and the victims are actors, but no one else is.