Heartwarming Moment Pluto, Minnie And Mickey Surprise Two-Year-Old Deaf Boy By Using Sign Language

During a trip to the popular theme park in Los Angeles, children with Olive Crest, a nonprofit that provides safe homes, counseling, and education for abused, neglected, and at-risk children, had the chance to meet Mickey, Minnie and Pluto.

Officials with the group arranged a very special moment for the deaf toddler, and his adopted family made sure they had an ASL translator present.

The popular character responds to the little boy before Minnie and Mickey join in to communicate with him using sign language.

The two-year-old boy then goes in to hug Minnie, who gave him a gentle kiss on the head while embracing him with open arms. Moments later, Mickey could be seen opening his arms wide to hug the little boy.

A family adopted the little boy through Olive Crest, which hopes the video of the touching encounter will show people ‘that with a little love and ‘magic, ‘that you can truly make a child’s dream come true and provide them a bright memory that can last a lifetime.’