Heartwarming Moment Bus Driver Lets Freezing Stray Dog Stay On Bus

In the heartwarming footage the driver named Cristhian allows the dog to curl up on one of the seats and rest away from the cutting wind.

In the footage, filmed in the central Chilean region of Maule, the man pats the dog on its head as it looks out of the window. It is clearly relieved to be out of the cold.

Cristhian explained: ‘I was at work and stopped to pick up a gentleman when a small dog climbed up behind him.’

At first he thought to dog belonged to the man but he soon realised it was a stray.

‘I did not want to take him off the bus because he was so cold,’ he added.

He added, however, that he did not care if his passengers complained that the dog was making their seat dirty.

He continued: ‘There are passengers who regularly dirty the seats and throw litter on the floor. The dog just sits there and enjoys the ride.

‘I am not going to take the dog off at the terminal either because we are so far from where it got on. It will get lost, so I am going to leave the dog here to sleep.’