Heartwarming Moment A Blind Elephant Rescued From A Circus Is Welcomed Into A Herd

Blind in both eyes, Ploy Thong is estimated to be around 30 years old. Previously, she carried tourists on her back in the Pattaya region of Thailand for 16 years, using only her trunk to sniff out her routes whilst humans used her for a ride. Before that, Ploy Thong worked in the circus.

This is one heartwarming moment this blind elephant will never forget as she was welcomed into her new herd for the very first time.

In the uplifting footage, rescued elephant Ploy Thong can be seen sending out low vibrations, letting the other elephants know she was there.

It was not long before the group then took note, heading over to inspect the new arrival, touching her with their trunks in an affectionate way.