Guy Tests A Shock Collar On His Leg, Immediately Regrets That Decision

He doesn’t seem to be in excruciating pain, but he also doesn’t seem to be enjoying the experience. The man from Oklahoma was recorded testing out a shock dog collar on his leg, and his reaction is exactly what you’d expect.

T Rotelli, a videographer from Oklahoma City, posted a video of himself testing a shock collar, meant for dogs that belonged to his Father.

He begins by laughing as a friend looks on. Before the collar is activated he says ‘alright’, inhales and braces himself.

He quickly releases it was a silly idea, and falls to the ground, screaming in agony as the shocks go off.

Lying on his back with his legs up in the air, his dog runs over in what appears to be an adorable attempt to help him. But the videographer screams in pain as he twists around the floor and shouts ‘Jesus’, ‘Jesus’ as the dog chases him round in circles.