Guy Secretly Records Down Friend’s Crazy Girlfriend And Her Terrible Yelling

Relationships are a thing of love and understanding. If there is no trust between the individuals sharing a relationship then the chances are they’ll break up soon. This guy recorded his roommate’s girlfriend who was not only being abusive in the video but was also kicking his boyfriend.

The video started with some argument where the girl told her boyfriend that he did nothing for her, both emotionally and financially. She then started to yell at him and also started calling him by names. She shouted quite loudly calling the guy a jerk. Later, She threatened him that she won’t leave the place until he fixed the situation.

In the end of the video, she started slapping the boyfriend’s legs just to find his phone in his pockets. She wanted him to call her phone. She said, “I’m going to stomp your phone if you don’t give it to me.” Rest, you can watch the story yourself…