Guy Helps Huge Wolf Spider Get Untangled

If you have arachnophobia you might want to steer away from this, but on the other hand this video shows that spiders aren’t all that bad.

Due to their appearance, wolf spiders are often feared by humans. if you are bitten by a wolf spider, it is probably a large one, as the smaller specimens aren’t able to penetrate skin. Also, you will probably have swelling around the site of the bite, but any pain is caused by mechanical trauma, not venom, as it is weak.

Joe Pieczynski found a wolf spider inside his home in Austin, Texas. He estimated it to be about 3 inches in length. He said this isn’t the first time he’s encountered the spider, which often gets mistaken for a tarantula.

Not only was this not the first time Pieczynski found a wolf spider in his home, but it also wasn’t the first time he had to come to the rescue of one. Pieczynski got down on his hands and knees and cut away the tiny pieces of carpet fiber that got stuck to the wolf spider’s legs, which prevented it from moving efficiently.

With an X-ACTO knife and a small ruler, Pieczynski got to work. Miraculously the spider didn’t seem to mind as the man removed the pieces of fuzz from its legs.