Guy Gets Super Creeped Out By The Contents Of Floating River Cooler

If you live near a river, lake or even the sea, you’ll know that a lot of random debris tends to end up floating around in there, and not all of it particularly sanitary.

As a group of people went down to the riverfront for some good old-fashioned fun in the sun, a man with a camera noticed something strange floating in the distance.

His curiosity piqued, this man asked his friend to swim out into the river, and he brought back what turned out to be a cooler of some kind, wrapped tightly with some duct tape.

Bringing the cooler closer, it wasn’t quite clear what was in the container, but the fact that it was tightly secured didn’t exactly point to a load of beers being lost on a river.

Gingerly, the party went over to the box to see what was inside, but when they took off the tape and opened up the flap, each discoverer recoiled in fright.