Guy Gets Up From Eating His Burger, Then Demands To Know Who Made It

Marcus Jeffers and his friend were dining at a Shake Shack restaurant in Marlton, NJ when Jeffers stood up in the crowded restaurant and demanded to know who made his burger.

“Yo, who made this burger, man?” Jeffers can be heard yelling, before repeating his question twice more in an accusing tone.

As the man working behind the counter scrambles to identify the chefs who made Jeffers burger, Jeffers states: “I know y’all hear me!”

Finally, the chefs are identified as Jason and Mike – at which point Jeffers does something surprising.

Rather than criticise the chefs, as many likely thought he was about to do, Jeffers says: “Jason, you killin’ it, man. Mike too!”

The video ends with the restaurant erupting in cheers