Guy Films Kid Running Home Every Day After School And It’s Comedy Gold

This kid just can’t wait to get home after school. In fact, he’s so pumped to get back and chillax that he’s willing to race back home like an Olympic sprinter. The best part? He does it every single day.

The second this kid is off the bus, he’s running full-pelt all the way home.

A fellow commuter had the bright idea of filming this kid’s daily run, if only so he could prove for sure how committed this kid was to his daily sprint.

if the kid just ran home once or twice it wouldn’t be so weird, but it’s the fact that he does it constantly that raises your eyebrows. What is he running back to? Does he live in a palace? Did he leave the oven on at the beginning of the day? Or is this just a weird exercise regime? We’ll probably never know.

Eventually he seems to have abandoned the weird routine in favour of just plodding home like the rest of us. Maybe he got self-conscious when he realized that he was being observed.