Guy Films Himself Catching A Ride On Freight Train To Montauk

Any New Yorker knows that getting to Montauk during the summer is an absolute beyotch. Traveling anywhere on Long Island is difficult enough, but making it to the farthest tip (Montauk) with only one major highway means that you can be sitting in some of the worst traffic ever.

Catching the Long Island Rail Road doesn’t help much either, considering it makes a billion stops and is always full of people doing the exact same thing as you are.

So that’s where this guy, and his idea of hitching a freight train to Montauk, comes in. Although his reasons for wanting to go to Montauk are much different than consuming a ridiculous amount of rosé, it doesn’t change the fact that this method of transportation is free and exciting–two things you can’t really find out in Montauk.