Guy Drives Off With Boot Still On His Car… “That Will Be $300”

Sometimes, you can’t help but take a look at a situation and think that people are really beyond help. This one has all kinds of signs that are pointing to a bad time and as the seconds tick by and it just keeps on getting worse and worse as the guy in the BMW is really digging himself into a hole here.

Even after getting caught in the bad situation, it looks like this guy just definitely isn’t willing to admit fault and is also willing to go to pretty far lengths in order to prove that he’s innocent… or that he is just too stubborn to pay the fine.

From the looks of things, it would appear as if the man decided to just park in a handicapped spot without having the proper documentation to prove that he was, in fact, handicapped.

Naturally, this would infuriate some people and would end up getting him in trouble to the point where his car would be booted and he would have to pay a nice sum of money to get it taken off!

When he was presented with this option, the man decided that the better idea would be to try and run away with the boot still on his car.