This Guy Bought Some Teabags, Then What He Did Next Was Unbelievably Simple Life Hack!

Who would have thought teabags can be more than just, you know, for drinking tea?

Teabags are relatively cheap and are virtually everywhere but few people are aware that these have other marvelous uses.

Are you sick of your car or your shoes because of how these smell? If you are tight on the budget, then try this simple life hack using your favorite tea bag.

All you have to do is to hang it like what you do to your car air freshener or place it in your shoes. These absorb moisture from the air in case of bad smells in your car or your shoes and emit their fragrant smell. It is also claimed that the scent of a single tea bag lasts for months, hence, reducing the need for continuous purchase of its expensive counterparts. Imagine if your car smells like your favorite tea flavor. Smells nice, isn’t it?

Instead of buying their expensive counterparts in the market, why not just buy extra units and select the flavor you want to indulge in your home?