I Guarantee You Have Never Seen A Realtor Ad Like This Before

Veronica Recinos shared a video she made for Century 21 Home & Investment, in which she invites viewers to come learn more about how to stop renting and finally buy a home.

But the clip isn’t just a straight sell. Rather, Recinos brings a next-level amount of sass to the ad, smashing a nearly-full wine glass on the pavement to make her point — and it’s captured the attention of the internet.
In the clip, Recinos sits on a rock in a park. Behind her is a charcuterie board and a bottle of wine, and she holds a full glass of red in her hand.

She sits with her legs cross on the rock and introduces herself before discussing how annoying it is to have to pay rent every month.

‘It’s the beginning of the month again, and rent is due again,’ she says, uncrossing her legs in a tight leopard skirt and standing up, carrying her glass in her hand.

‘You know, it’s very lovely, because now you have to pay your rent again and you have to pay your landlord’s mortgage. Well…’ she says, pausing to take a long, slow sip of her wine.

‘Stop wining about it!’ she suddenly yells, winding up her arm and smashing the glass of wine on the ground.