Groundbreaking Animated Short From a Legendary Disney Artist

Called simply “Duet,” this animated short is the creation of Glen Keane, an animator who worked for Walt Disney Studios for nearly 37 years.

As you can see, this lovely and luminescent cartoon unfurls the love story of a boy and girl who’ve know each other since infancy.

But beyond being beautiful, there’s something truly unique about this particular animation, though you might not guess it from the above render.

Big Cartoon News reports that “Duet” is the first release to come from Glen Keane’s recent association with Google and Motorola. The 60-year-old animator who contributed to the character animation for such beloved Disney films as The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, and Tangled left Disney in the spring of 2012.

But rather than retire, he joined the Advanced Technology and Projects Group Motorola and Google had created to further merge the worlds of art and technology.