Gluta Was Rescued From Streets, Beat Cancer And Is Now The Happiest Dog Ever

Gluta, also known as the happiest dog in the world, has quite a heartwarming story of triumph and survival to share.

In order to live the happy-go-lucky life she enjoys today she had to endure some tough times out living on the streets, and fighting off cancer.

Gluta’s owner, Sorasart Wisetsin, originally came across the sweet dog on the streets of Thailand in October of 2012. At the time he was living in a dormitory with a strict no dogs policy. He was drawn to her from day one and started giving her food and love.

Instantly he noticed how friendly and clean the dog was, which made Wisetsin all the more motivated to find a way to look out for her forever.

Since the dormitory wouldn’t allow Gluta inside, Wisetsin made the decision to adopt the dog and become her official owner.

Yet living arrangements weren’t the only challenge this pair would face. After living together for about 2-3 months Gluta became very sick, and started displaying multiple diseases all at once. Gluta was diagnosed with uterus cancer, but her owner wasn’t going to let cancer win and neither was Gluta.

Gluta is now in remission living a beautiful life as a well-loved dog with plenty of followers on Tumblr and Facebook.