This Girl’s Body Was Totally Changed By Cancer, But She Never Stopped Dancing

As if being diagnosed with bone cancer at age 9 wasn’t complicated enough, a girl named Gabi Shull also underwent a complex surgery in the hopes of one day leading a normal life.

This brave girl has endured more hardship than most people face in a lifetime, and she’s not even old enough to drive yet.

Gabi was an active, carefree child, which made her osteosarcoma diagnoses all the more heartbreaking.

While her parents just wanted to see their little one heal, Gabi wanted more than that. She wanted to keep dancing.

That’s when doctors told her about an unconventional surgery called rotationplasty, which involves replacing the patient’s knee joint with their ankle joint to retain mobility.

Because much of Gabi’s right leg could not be saved, their only options were to amputate the leg completely, or salvage part of it by carrying out the bizarre procedure.

She was determined to keep dancing, so Gabi decided to go through with the surgery.

She was kind enough to share her experiences with the world.

Keep watching until the end to see the amazing device that she uses to practice ballet.

Judging by this performance, it’s clear that she and her family made the right choice. Even in the face of endless struggle, Gabi keeps on dancing.