Girl Lets Dog Poop In Airport And Refuses To Clean It Up

The incident was caught on video by an onlooker at Denver International Airport.

The video shows the woman talking on a phone, nonchalantly walking away from a pile of dog poop. A man passing by shooting a video clip tells the woman: “Hey, your dog just s— all over the carpet.” The woman smiles, and flashes her middle finger at the man. “That’s nice,” the man responds.

The man who recorded the video, Nipper Nieporte, explained more about the situation in a Facebook post.

‘This passenger was on my flight from Atlanta, during the entire flight her dog yelped and whined for the entire flight,’ he wrote.

‘I was going to my connecting gate on the moving sidewalk and happened to notice the dog had gone to the bathroom. Out of astonishment, I preceded to video the occurrence.’

In the days since Nieporte shared the video it has received a wide range of reactions.

The Denver International Airport is equipped with pet relief rooms in each terminal, but some social media users pointed out that any dog owner knows some things are out of their control.

However, many said the woman should have been a lot more quick about picking up after her dog.

Some also speculated that she was planning to leave the mess behind for someone else to deal with.