Girl Drags Child Having Epic Tantrum On Live Television

Hilarious footage of a teenage girl dragging away a misbehaving child on live television has emerged online.

Broadcaster Jim Delahunt was presenting the racing at Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, when the domestic drama unfolded behind him. A young boy suddenly appears in the shot, closely followed by a girl, possibly the boy’s older sister. The girl can be seen trying to lift the little boy by the shoulder and walk across the grass.

Clearly fed-up, the girl lets go and boy slumps to the ground. She then turns around and looks directly at the camera. Panicking and keen to get out of shot, the girl – wearing pink trousers and greyish top – grabs the child by the ankle and hauls him away. However, the little boy is seen attempting to grab onto the ground andgrass as Delahunt continues with the rerport unaware of the two behind him.