This Giant Fountain Creates a Water Tornado That Swirls Down Into a Shopping Mall

The creative ‘Rain Oculus’ was installed in 2010-11 at the Marina Sands Resort/Casino and commercial complex in Singapore.

When a large whirlpool forms inside a 70-foot diameter acrylic bowl, it drains and falls two stories to a pool below that creates another water feature—only this time in the shopping center.

The artwork functions as both a skylight and a rain collector. Rain water is recycled back to the whirlpool and also fills a canal that runs through the atrium.

The pumps that direct water into the bowl are turned on and off a few times an hour so the whirlpool is always changing in shape and intensity.

At peak flow rates there are 8000 gallons per minute falling through the atrium and 200 tons of water swirling around in the bowl.