This Genius Made a Robot That Serves Her Soup… With Somewhat Mixed Results

We’re big fans of YouTube scientist, inventor, comedian, and all round genius Simone Giertz, so when we heard she’d invented a nifty new robot that will serve her pumpkin soup, we marvelled at the possibilities – sick and sniffling in bed while a mechanical friend ladles sweet comfort food into our frowning mouths, its stoic, metallic existence reminding us that life isn’t so bad after all.

Sounds like futuristic heaven – except for the flu part.

Then we watched the video, and while this is clearly a brilliant invention – there were some teething problems. Some hilarious, messy teething problems.

The video is part of a Google partnership she’s struck up, and, as Simone explains: “I’m donating all of the money I’m getting from this sponsorship to help disaster relief in Puerto Rico. Google is also giving support by donating to the Hispanic Federation.”

Check out the future, below.