This Genius Turned His Filing Cabinet Into A Barbecue Smoker

In the summertime there’s nothing like firing up the grill and digging in to a charcoal-cooked steak or rack of ribs. But, in our opinion, slow-cooking over a smoker is some next level outdoor barbecuing.

And while you could turn your grill into a make-shift smoker, one man from Mississippi has gone MacGyver style on a filing cabinet to craft the ultimate smoking machine.

Joshua McIntyre from Holly Springs, MS posted a video showing off his masterful idea—flipping an ordinary filing cabinet into a four-tiered smoker that does double time, slow-smoking two huge racks of chicken at once.

Inside the bottom drawer, he loaded a metal pan with charcoal. Above that is a pan full of water and wood chips, then the two top drawers are full of chicken cooking on grates. The whole unit is one steamy, smoky, and delicious looking set-up that lets McIntyre cook up twice the amount of chicken than if he’d just used his grill.