Furious Motorist Stamps On Woman’s Car And Throws His Coffee At Her Because He Spilled His Drink When They Almost Collided

A shocking video of a driver launching a furious attack on a woman’s car as she sits terrified inside has emerged.

The road rage incident was filmed by a French woman living in the UK – who had only been driving in the country for two weeks.

Footage which she posted online shows the male driver approaching a roundabout at the same time as her and the pair almost colliding on Bushey Mill Lane in Watford.

The woman holds down her horn, sparking rage from the other driver.

Furious about the near-collision the male Volvo driver stops his car on the roundabout and gets out.

The woman gasps and speaks in French as the man charges at her car.

He shouts: ‘I’ve got a f***ing job interview. Look at this mate.’

Clearly shocked she replies: ‘I don’t care about your job.’

He runs around to the driver’s door but when he cannot access it, he stamps his foot down on the bonnet, shouting: ‘You’ve spilled coffee all f***ing down me’. Then, the man returns to his car but instead of ending the frenzied road rage, retrieves the coffee.

Pointing again at the woman driver he rages towards to car and sends the coffee cup crashing into the windscreen, while the dashcam is rolling, recording the woman shouting ‘no, no, no’ and beeping her horn.

He stamps down on the bonnet again, shouting the whole time.