Former Vet Tech Draws Outrage After She Admits Killing A Dog On Purpose Due To The Owner Being “A Very Bad Person”

A popular online gamer is facing a backlash after she admitted during a live-streamed interview that she intentionally killed a dog while working as a veterinary technician.

Simone Scott, better known online as “Aqua,” made the shocking revelation while being interviewed on Twitch, an Amazon-owned platform where people can make money broadcasting themselves playing video games.

Her confession was prompted by host Rajj Patel, who asked Scott and two other female gamers about the worst thing they had done.

Scott, positioned in the bottom right frame of the video, said she “once killed someone’s dog on purpose” while working as a vet tech. She did not specify where she worked when the incident occurred.

The internet outrage machine kicked into overdrive, and she backpedaled faster than a hipster on a fixed-gear bike.

The local news decided to sort through Simone’s pile of lies. It turns out that she was never employed at the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter, she only volunteered. Meaning that she only showed up there occasionally to play with the dogs. The animal shelter is now forced to deal with the PR nightmare this attention-seeking twitch user has created. Nevertheless, the police have launched an official investigation.