Ford And Domino’s Use Self-Driving Cars To Deliver Pizza

Perhaps the greatest part of the guilty pleasure of ordering a pizza is having your food brought right to your door. No need to get out of your pajamas or brave the elements, just a moment of awkward conversation and, at worst, a last-minute search for cash.

Now, you might even get out of that, if you’re willing to slip on shoes, walk down your driveway, deal with a robot instead of the neighborhood pizza boy, and help advance the science of autonomous driving.

Ford is putting one of its autonomous vehicles to good use: delivering pizza in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For the next few weeks, randomly selected Domino’s customers will get the option to have their pie brought over by a modified Ford Fusion Hybrid, complete with the roof mounted whirring “coffee can” sensors and plenty of “research vehicle” stickers.

When the car arrives, the customer will have to meet it in the street. Once they tap the last four digits of their phone number into a tablet mounted on the exterior, the back window will roll down, allowing access to their stuffed crust meat feast.