Flight Enthusiast Turns An IKEA Chair Into A Remote Control Plane

Ikea’s furniture is known for being cheap and reliable. Flightworthy, however, is not a word often used to describe the Swedish flatpack furniture.

But maybe it should be. YouTuber’s FliteTest just turned an old wooden chair from the Scandinavian retailer into a fully functioning airplane ⏤ or is it a chairplane? – and it’s absolutely insane.

Stefan, one of the members of FliteTest, was given just six hours to transform the Jokkmokk into a remote-controlled flying contraption. Using the chair as an airframe, he found some cardboard wings and a few metal poles used in a previous build to create the flying chair’s wings and rudder. From there, he simply needed to install the engine.

At the end of the six hours, Stefan went outside and put his chairplane to the test. Seemingly against all odds, the Jokkmokk not only took off without a hitch but flew successfully for several minutes before landing safely back on the ground. After it touched down and rolled to a stop, Stefan and the rest of the FliteTest crew proceeded to lose their collective shit over the triumphant maiden voyage ⏤ and rightfully so.