Ferrari Is Towed Away As 21-Year-Old Owner Had No Insurance

Having a limited-edition Ferrari towed away is always going to draw attention, but it would be even worse if even you had it seized in central London surrounded by eagle-eyed supercar spotters.

Well, someone had a bad Sunday when they had their badly parked Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta seized.

The attention of the police was drawn to the car after it was parked on double yellow lines, and miles away from the kerb just off Berkeley Square in Mayfair. Metropolitan Police Service Westminster said on Twitter it was for “stopping in an inconvenient place”.

However, it got even worse for the driver after police checked the car’s insurance, only to discover the driver was not on the policy.

The driver was handed a £300 fine and six points on their licence, but probably worse for them was having pride hit as they had their Azzurro California-coloured Ferrari towed away in front of the prying eyes of London’s supercar spotters.

In the video it can be seen being lifted up via a crane mounted to a lorry before it sways perilously in the air, before eventually being lowered onto the flat-bed truck.

The 458 Speciale Aperta was the last of the naturally-aspirated Ferrari V8s. Just 499 were made in total, with few right-hand drive examples – like this one is. Because of its rarity, examples frequently sell for more than £500,000, more than double the original list price since it went on sale in 2015.