Ferrari Driver Ignores “No Parking” Sign And Find His Car Surrounded By Antiques Fair

This Ferrari driver ignored the “no parking”’ sign and parked his car overnight only to come back and find that there was a large antique fair set up around his vehicle. Obviously, he wasn’t pleased about being boxed in.

One witnessed filmed the hilarious parking fiasco, sharing the video and writing: “A disgruntled Ferrari driver left his £200,000 brand new motor in the Brighton Marina Sunday market over night, he returned to find it surrounded by Art crowd in one of the UK’s most popular tourist spots.

“He had to drive through the market making sure he didn’t hit any customers or traders’ goods that they spread out on the floor.”

In the video, the driver can be seen carefully trying to avoid tables stacked with books, as well as navigate around the open boots piled with second-hand buys.